7 New Trends to Upgrade Your Kitchen in 2021

Unique kitchen gadget

It is every homeowner’s dream to have a beautiful kitchen. Who does not want to cook good, hearty meals with a beautiful kitchen a la cooking show? Some even say that your kitchen is the heart of your home. Some of us may even think of our kitchen with high regard. We store food in it and we prepare great meals to be shared by the family. Some of us would think of it as a symbolic part of the house that keeps the family together. If you are one of these people who just had this kind of eureka moment, this article might be for you. Today, we will give you some tips for revamping your kitchen. Check this out:

1. Install smart kitchens

If you have shelled out enough cash for one sleek and wicked kitchen, then consider getting a smart kitchen to pair with your modern or even post-modern interior design. Having a smart kitchen will make you pause in awe about how far we have gone with technology. Aside from the gadgets that we use every day, we can now rely on technology to amp up our kitchen! A smart kitchen integrates technology into every part of the kitchen, like the faucet, fridge, lighting, and more. This is one of the many kitchen ideas that you may be the most thankful about.

With smart kitchens, you would now have motion-sensor faucets that open up when it senses your hands. You can also toggle its one-touch feature. With your smart kitchen, even your fridge notifies you once your grocery is running out. Coffee makers will prepare to brew your coffee without you. A smart kitchen can even tell you which of your eggs are about to turn bad. You no longer need to bother about standing up and going to your kitchen to turn off your lights because you can do that with your smartphone.

2. Dark cabinets

We all have our share of all the white fascination brought to us by the recent minimalist trend. We can agree that it has been a pleasant ride with white because it goes well with any style. But today, we bid white farewell and welcome dark colors onto our cabinet surfaces. This 2021, the new trend is coloring cabinets and islands with different colors or wood stain colors. This 2021, your kitchen can see dark colors popping, particularly within the blue and green palette. Navy, emerald green, black, and plum even make their way back. Some of you may be wary about dark colors making your kitchen look dull. It is the other way around, really, because dark colors will make your kitchen look more luxurious and dramatic. However, your fears may turn into a reality if dark colors overpower your kitchen.

3. Simplicity is key

Of course, everyone wants a bit of glamor. However, more homeowners today are choosing to have warm and relaxing designs for their kitchen. They usually prefer simple designs with clean lines. They even choose to remove upper wall cabinets now, too. This makes the kitchen look more spacious and makes homeowners feel relaxed and breathe a little. For storage, they now opt to have open shelves instead of upper wall cabinets they cannot reach, anyway. A simple design may look dull and boring. To avoid this, focus on choosing materials that have a dramatic texture. Consider choosing rough-cut woods, sculpted, stacked, or beveled stones or tiles, and others.

4. Quartz of quaintness

If we are having a mainstay design here, that will be quartz. Today in 2021, quartz is pretty much still in style for the material of your kitchen countertops and other kitchen surfaces. Quartz is durable and low maintenance. It is easy to keep nasty microbes off your kitchen. Unlike before, when quartz has limited designs, homeowners can now thank technology with more colors and styles to choose from. Some homeowners now choose neutral and softer colors like cream, taupe, grey, and such.

5. Ceramic magic

Ceramic is making a dramatic rise today because of the wide selection of sizes, styles, and designs. Your ceramic tile can even look like hardwood! This widens up options for homeowners because they can now enjoy a hardwood aesthetic without the burden of maintaining it with ceramic’s low maintenance quality. You can even choose ceramic tiles that look exactly like stone, down to their texture. You do not have to worry about the size of the tiles now, too.

6. Dramatic backsplash

Designing backsplashes is now the kitchen trend. Today, people are taking the liberty to design their backsplash however they please, instead of just the usual subway tiles. They choose different colors, even colors that pop. Those who want to go for the classic look also choose neutral patterns that have natural texture.

7. In with the out

Homeowners these days are now choosing to stay close to the outdoors as they connect their kitchen to their patio or their outdoors. They are now installing doors or entryways between the kitchen and the yard.

Style as you please

Here are just some new kitchen trends we are about to see in 2021. You can also add your personal touch to your kitchen renovation. Surely, you will need several materials for your desired look. Good thing, reliable stores are open to accommodate all your kitchen needs. Check out storables.com for a wide variety of kitchen storage needs.