How To Play Pokemon Games On Your PC

How to Play Pokemon games on PC by using emulators

People who watch Pokemon are prone to wish about Pokemon related games – thus, we have compiled some very cool emulators which will help you play your favorite Pokemon game on your PC. These five emulators are perfect for every kind of game from face racing games to slow games like Pokemon and Mario Bros. All of them possess some unique qualities – and all of them are 100 percent FREE!

These emulators mentioned below will be going to give each one of its user some life changing experience of emulated games. Let’s have a look!


This weird named Pokemon gaming emulator is one of the fastest emulator active in tech world. It is one of the first emulators ever released – and it is still welcoming new editions to level up with the competitors.

Is Bluestacks compatible with AMD processors and Intel?

Yes, it is! And not only that it is the simplest and fastest one of all emulators.

How much Bluestacks would cost me?

It is FREE! Yes, it is one of the free Pokemon gaming emulators for PC that doesn’t cost hefty payments. On the contrary, everything comes with a cost – here, you will see ads popping up every now and then which might be an annoying factor.

What about graphics?

The latest version of this emulator has Hyper-G graphic quality which is indeed rare to find.

BlueStacks App for PC
Image: BlueStacks

Nox Player

What could be better than Nox Player to play Pokemon games – because it can support fast as well as slow games comfortably. And this is compatible with both Intel and AMD processors – also it is completely free as well.

What is the specialty of this game emulator?

Nox players has a best feature for multiple gaming experience on one PC at the same time.

Does it have smart control options?

Yes, you can either use a game-pad or joystick – or typically gamers play with keyboard and mouse.

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Nox Player for Windows

Memu Play

Memu play is a new entrée in the world of emulators yet it has tons to offer its players. It can run your favorite Pokemon game on your PC in the smoothest way possible. A free emulator which supports rare games all right in front of your head.

How much games can be played at once with this emulator?

This is exciting to play 4 games at the same time – making it best emulator to play your favorite game.

Is this emulator easy to install?

Absolutely easy to install and run – all you have to do is to install it then use it in a matter of minutes.

Pokemon battle game


This weird named emulator is capable of running every Pokemon game from your Android phone to your PC. This is exclusively for windows – and is a free one as well.

  • Compatible with Intel
  • Fast and smooth
  • Supports almost all Android games

What is the unique feature of AMIDuOS?

It offers emulation of SD card to configure it with any configuration tool. However, it is a bit difficult when it comes to downloading and installing it. The process is hectic and consume great time – and it might not be very straight-forward in comparison with other emulators.

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LD Player

When it comes to offering best Android games to emulate on your PC – no one does it better than LD player. One of the coolest thing about this Pokemon emulator is that one can manually download it from the Google Play Store.

What is its unique feature?

Its most features are similar to the other gaming emulators but one cool thing is – it is extremely light-weighted with just 200 MB.

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