Beer Olympics Games Term And Condition For Playing

beer olympics games

If you’re not quite a world-class athlete, but you still want to experience the exhilarating rush of elite competition, you might be a good fit for the Beer Olympics, the drinking games equivalent of the Olympics.

Beer Olympics are a popular choice for large groups like frosh weeks, pub crawls, and house parties and they are a terrific way to get people to interact with one another.

Because groups are divided into competing teams and events are scheduled according to a regular schedule, even the rowdiest of gatherings can participate in the Beer Olympics.

In order to get you started, we’ll provide you seven different Beer Olympics games to choose from, including skill games and endurance sports. After that, we’ll give you a general overview of how to organize and execute your own event.

To Begin, Select Teams, And Countries From which To compete.

Before the event, divide your team into groups of 2-4 persons and assign each member to one of the countries that will be represented during the games. Make sure everyone chooses a country other than Australia.

This could be a country of their ancestors’ origin, a country they have recently visited, or simply a country they enjoy visiting and living in.

After that, everyone can dress in the colors of their selected country in order to be distinguished from one another throughout the games. For the greatest results, you’ll want to have at least four evenly divided teams of two or more players per team. In addition, make sure that each team has a decent mix of males and females.

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Among The Most Popular Countries To visit Are:

  • Mexico \sAmerica
  • Italy
  • Pope Francis’ residence is in the Vatican City.
  • Jamaica
  • Hawaii
  • New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The United Kingdom is a country in the European Union.

Ensure That You Have Enough Of The Essentials.

Of course, you’ll need lots of beer to keep your backyard Beer Olympics going, so stop by your local bottle shop and stock up on some of your favorites. Choose beers that are easy to drink fast, such as lagers, to save time. Beers like IPAs and stouts should be reserved for more leisurely drinking occasions.

We recommend that your friends bring their own favorite beers to assist you to save money on the occasion of your gathering. Apart from beer, you’ll need a large outside table that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, plenty of plastic cups, shot glasses, ping-pong balls, and coins to play ping-pong.

Don’t forget about the awards for the top-scoring team! Trophies purchased at the local discount goods store work wonderfully well. Because there will almost certainly be a lot of spills, it is important to have a large supply of paper towels on hand. Finally, have a large container ready to collect all of the empty cans, bottles, and cups that will be generated.

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You Will Require The Following Equipment:

  • a full deck of playing cards (54 cards)
  • Cups made of throwaway plastic
  • Ping pong balls are used in this game.

Happy Hour With Shot Glasses For Designated Drivers

You do not have to exclude those who are serving as designated drivers from your Beer Olympics because they are not required to do so. All non-drinkers should be assigned to the role of referees for the day. They have the final word on the victors of each competition, and they have the authority to adopt rules (within reason) and impose fines on players who do not follow the regulations.

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Some Examples Of Rules Are As Follows:

  • There will be no cheating in any game (a no brainer)
  • Having a beer spilled
  • Anything can be broken (glass, chair, table, hearts)
  • Losing or destroying a ping pong ball is a frustrating experience.
  • Changing the music in the middle of a song

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