Best Selling PS3 Games That Are Addictive

best selling ps3 games

Video games specifically designed for PS3 like Role Playing Games or First-person shooters all come in different sizes and shapes. There are hundreds of games to pick from – we know how it feels when you have so many options and you want to play every single of them.

Selecting one game from a collection of PS3 games can be a difficult option, thus we have designed this guide about the best Ps3 games to guide you towards the best available options. After the success of PlayStation 2, Sony had big plans to proceed.

These best PS3 games of all the time will take you from the profoundness of space to the primes of Olympus, by the stakes of treasure exploring and dissimulation to the outrages of the Wild West. Here are the top PS3 games listed;

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

The intensity, outstanding gameplay, and stellar graphics of this racing sim urge the game junkies to wish for more prologues of the games before their final launch. For gamers who like racing games, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue can be an ideal option where they can choose and drive more than 50 cars including Ferrari, Ford, GT, and Audi from top manufacturers over the globe, by the PS3’s PlayStation Network. So, you can play this new PS3 game anywhere because of the console’s integral Wi-Fi adapter.

top ps3 games in the list

The Last of Us

If you have PS3 and you haven’t played The Last of us till yet, it’s a total unfair. The game starts from a place on Earth that has been desolated by a plague. Tainted people are a constant danger but survivors can also be a threat. The story revolves around Joel and Ellie as they speculate over the country.

The Last of us offers its players the most obliging narratives to advance on PS3 but also the beautiful visuals and game mechanics make this game a great package. The game is full of action, survival, and stealth, and all the things are threaded into a story that is warm and tense.

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Ps3 survival horror game
Image: Sony Computer Entertainment

Resistance 2

While the outset Resistance game with the name “Fall of Man” made out well for an introductory title, as a continuation, it excellently showcased what PS3 and Insomniac were able to. The re-entry of Army Ranger Sgt. Nathan Hale in the fray, after he encountered himself in the unstable situation of being affected by the Chimera virus is the theme of the game. After the Chimera intrusion, the battle has grown to the United States.

Resistance 2 fabulously used its atmosphere than the first version, positioning the players in the center of a small town in America. The outcome is a central action title that casts off legions of various Chimera at the player, producing dead horror sections. The game is an improved version of the Fall of Man. Players can use Chimera powers to encounter the ceaseless alien force.

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Best First Person Shooting games
Image: Sony Computer Entertainment

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

In this game, the race track goes from the desert into a jungle and it brings cruel slo-mo crashes that score among the top-searched in all of the games. With thanks, this continuation offers the best A.I. Competition, with various forms of vehicles from the prime Motorstorm and one or two monster trucks. Although every racer enjoys it as a car-on-car trail race, just Motorstorm holds the brass balls to scar small ATVs as opposed to behemoth big turnouts.

Best Car Racing games
Image: Sony Computer Entertainment


It’s a fabled game with a simple and humble basis – craft your way throughout the game, build structures including the huge buildings to swords, and create your villa. Building up an Empire might be time-consuming but after getting trained and experience, you would hate putting your controller down.

This game is amazingly open, and as a game, it provides you the power to develop boundaries just as you want. You will make your world just the way you want to. Start with one block at a time. You can not only use your creative skills but you can use others’ skills also as 8 players can play the same game at a time. You can make forces from your online friends and beat other players. The game might look boring at first, but with the levels increased you would find it hard to leave the game.

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Sandbox games for PlayStation 3


If you like playing horror games then BioShock is no doubt a worthwhile pick. It’s a survival game exalted by dystopian thinkers like Ayn Rand and George Orwell, obviously stands on top of the list with a story-line that goes around digging into an underwater city apparently confounded in the 1960’s.

You’ll see many people lost their senses and joined genetically-changed armies and monster plasmid – intensified humans. All through the game, you can pick from the options to rescue or harvest orphans, loot money from the dead bodies, or hack any system to nullify the detection, every choice will have different consequences.

Ps3 best first person shooter
Image: 2K Games

Tekken 6

The game is a bolder, bigger, and crammed with plenteous new characters than any other game can handle. As though the roster of 40 wasn’t sufficient, the graphics in the game have also profited the entire game as much as the heroes. When you don’t notice a ring of fire consuming each and everything around Zafina slowly, you’ll see a helicopter flapping down into an illuminating bolt in the backdrop scenery of the next phase.

Best fighting games of all time
Image: Namco Bandai Games

Wipeout HD with fury DLC

If you like an action or racing game with fantastic speed and a little bit of scrap to bang, then this is your game with extra Fury expansion which is a high-quality title. The game offers high-speed racing with evenly futurist brooding ships. Zesting the experience of wild racing is an armory of weapons that can assist you in gaining a privilege of competition. The game fetches the exclusive franchise into full HD and delivers a placid frame.


Every PS3 game offers multiple modes and features and the choice may vary from player to player. These games are picked according to the genre, the number of players and player accommodations offered by the manufacturers.

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