Best Smart TV Apps for Android

Apps for Smart TV

It must have been boring during your commute to university/office, which is why these Smart TV apps are here to reduce your boredom and increase your productivity. Because obviously, what will be better than having a TV on your Android phone. Well, these smart TV apps are available and allow anyone to watch their favorite shows anytime anywhere. You can always watch an amazing series, documentaries, shows, or movies by downloading and subscribing to these apps, sometimes even offline. This list of must-have apps in your Android smart phones will help you enjoy each day with a new episode.


YouTube is already available on every Android phone, be it Samsung smartphone or Google’s newly launched tablet. It is famous globally as it is an ultimate cheap thriller during one’s idle time. Here is why you must have YouTube on your Android phones:

  • They have a larger user base and an even larger variety of content available; however, you may not find famous movies because of copyright issues.
  • On the other hand, it has millions of videos on any niche for beginners to professionals, each sharing their knowledge with the world.
  • YouTube has become a hub of Hollywood movie trailers and reviews, as interesting as it may seem that every movie’s trailer could easily be found on the platform.

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Price range:

So, in case you are living under a rock and have never sincerely thought about YouTube, it’s the time buddy. It’s completely free whereas the premium model is all set to keep its feet out.

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For anyone who loves to spend money on movies but would rather stay in a couch out of laziness, Amazon Prime Video is here to ease the pain. Here is why you can have Amazon Prime app on your Android phone:

  • It is available easily with one month of free content and charges from the month forth.
  • Amazon has a much vast collection of documentaries and series that can become your partner during your commute or in your holidays.
  • Almost everyone is aware of how bigger the brand Amazon has become in the past decade, yet, they never compromised on the quality of content.
  • There might be some issues related to Chrome-cast support, but it can be easily used on any TV powered by Android.
  • Also Amazon Prime has different channels with various content available in addition to the subscription.

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Price range:

Amazon currently charges $119 yearly, $12.99 monthly and free for the first month.

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The famous internet meme “Netflix and chill” is enough to explain how favorite it is around the world. From the US to Australia, Netflix has remained at the top of the game every time with its unique series and documentaries. It was developed around a decade ago and grew rapidly with more than 1 million active users around the globe. Here is why you must have Netflix app for your Android TV/phone:

  • Netflix has a variety of TV shows as well as movies that are available exclusively on the app.
  • It has significantly different content for both the US and UK audience and knows what is preferred by the respective audience.
  • There is no better smart TV than Netflix and has some of the trending shows available.

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Price range:

Netflix is pretty awesome when it comes to charging people for its content; it is easy to buy i.e. just $8.99 away from unlimited access to the best content in the world.

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Disney’s popularity is not hidden from anyone and has a fan base of every age group from kids to adults. Everyone just loves Disney movies, and that’s the ultimate reason to be in the list of top smart TV apps. Here is a list of what you can watch on Disney Plus app:

  • The Simpsons are everyone’s one first shows ever watched on TV.
  • Several animated movies from Mary Poppins to Toy Story 4, all are here.
  • Content from Pixar, Star Wars, Nat Geo making it a competitor of Netflix.

Price range:

Disney Plus being a new entree in the field has kept the price lower in comparison with its rivals, i.e. $7 for a month and $70 for a year. Well, that is a pretty cool and smart competitor.

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Well, most people are already aware of this iconic Archos Video Player application for your Android phone/TV; however, it is comparatively less popular than a VLC media player. Here are some amazing features of this video player, which makes it a qualitative choice amongst video player apps:

  • Like Amazon Prime, this video player app also has a feature that is specifically for TV, which allows you to live to stream your favorite channels.
  • It supports TVs for all kind i.e. 2D and 3D TV, as well as boxes, and much more.
  • It has great support backup for external storage with a vast variety of codecs which makes it suitable for Android TVs.

Price range:

It is one of the most reasonable player app available on the internet with $4.99 monthly.

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Talking about famous TV apps and not including Spotify would be extremely unfair. It was the first major music player to find your favorite music on your TV. Just sign in to Spotify and one can access all songs on your Android phone. Here are some exciting things about Spotify:

  • It has more than 40 million songs and still counting.
  • It has the crown for the largest user base for music lovers; however, you might not find it on TVs post-2015.
  • It has a personalized music playlist and stations generated by Spotify algorithms.
  • You can set your personalized playlist based on the songs liked or disliked by the user.

Spotify for smart tv

Price range:

It charges one user for $9.99 on a monthly basis and is FREE for a month.

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These amazing apps for smart TV have brilliant features that are enough to fill your day with new and innovative content. From YouTube to Spotify, the variety of content available on all platforms are just so interesting. Give us feedback on how you think we should upgrade our list.